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about me

It seems I’d been destined to have this dog breed before I even learned that it exists.

I used to have a dog, a big mixed-breed one that was very similar to Majorca shepherd dogs. The dog was really special to me.

I still recall it often. So when, by chance, I got to know about this breed, almost identical both in its look and character to my former pet, I decided I must get it.

Unfortunately, I haven’t found any dog breeders in Poland having that rare breed. Only after a longer search all over Europe, I’ve managed to find it in its homeland Spain.

So, in 2011, I took my partner and headed for Spain to get our first female dog Deia des Llucanes from a breeder nearby Barcelona.

Deia has not disappointed me. It is a really nice dog with a wonderful character, a true member of our family.

Unfortunatelly, the closest male dogs with breeding certificates were in Majorca, Spain. We decided therefore that it would be the best option to buy another puppy – a partner for our Deia.

We went for a local club exhibition in Majorca to take a better look on the dogs and to choose potential parents for our new puppy.

So, after some time, we got Diango.

Deia and Diango have so far got two litters of puppies, some of which puppies live now abroad.