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Majorca Shepherd Dog -Group I. - Sheepdogs and Cattle Dogs, Section 1 - Sheepdogs. Recognized in 1982.

General Appearance:

Majorca Shepherd Dog is proud and absolutely respects only its owner. It is intelligent and obedient in its youth, however, it is timid and shy and almost timid it shows exceptional sensitivity. Today is a rare breed. In adulthood, brave, sometimes a little contentious and independent dog.


It is not dog for beginners, the owner must have the authority and consistency. Not for inexperienced owners and people lacking the ability to understand its actions. Early socialization is essential, but it must proceed slowly and with maximum sympathy from the owners and the neighbourhood, it may not be even a hint violent. Education should be from its earliest youth, although consistent, but always kind.

It is a typical dog "one-man", even though to the other family members is friendly. From other people are usually willing to tolerate those who are by its judgment good friends of the owner. It manifests significantly territorially and it has strong protectionist tendencies which lead the dog  to the fierce defence of the owner and his family members in cases of imminent danger. If it had early proper socialization it can get well with children and other dogs.

It requires long walks and hearty, and because it is very active and lively, it also needs a regular job, preferably in the form of training suitable canine sport. The defence training is not suitable since it could develop its aggressiveness.

Height at withers, male is 66 to 73 cm and in female is from 62 to 68 cm, the allowed tolerance is + / -1 cm. Weight of body is about 40 kg.